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Who We Are

Established in August of 2015, FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) Team 199, Deep Blue Robotics, gives students the opportunity to learn first-hand about essential technical and business skills, inspiring them to reach out into a world of opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship. As members of the team we participate in an annual competition put on by the FIRST organization (firstinspires.org). FIRST (For Inspiration & Recognition of Science & Technology) organizes several different competitions targeted at different grade ranges. We compete in the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC), as Team 199, Deep Blue Robotics.

Team 199 consists of Carlmont students, invaluable mentors, and supportive parents.


The mission of Deep Blue Robotics is to provide students with the opportunity to explore STEM fields and develop engineering, project management, and community relations skills in an engaging and challenging environment. We are dedicated to thriving as a team, and further extending our hands to greet more members of our community with the gracious professionalism and technological opportunities that FIRST has to offer.


Deep Blue Robotics has grown enormously as an enterprise and as a community since our foundation in 2015. Based at Carlmont High School after breaking off from FRC Team 100 at Woodside High School, we have worked hard to grow from a garage team without adequate shop space and tooling, staff resources, or funding, to a well-equipped team integrated into our school and local community. On the team, any Carlmont student that wishes to join and dedicate time has the opportunity to learn first-hand about essential technical and business skills, giving them priceless career experience and intellectually inspiring them through the potential of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Our progress has been dramatic, and our organization is expanding still. Starting in the 2016 school year, the team now has an official course at Carlmont High School, entitled Engineering Robotics, which is opening a huge opportunity for technical and entrepreneurial training and non-rushed development of our team’s priorities, optimized structure, and efforts to engage with the community. Such a quick expansion would not have been possible without the advice and dedication of our mentors, the financial support of our sponsors, the invaluable help of our past and present core teachers, and our school administration’s kind accommodation of us.

Our Mentors

We can’t thank you enough!

Alex Abbas
Bonnie Wolf
-Lead Business Mentor
Chris Moropoulos
Dan Deasy
-School Faculty
David Elliston
Dean Brettle
-Coach, Lead SenAct Mentor
Jim Wilfong
Jennifer Low
Karin Saltzherr
Matt Moropoulos
Mike Bushue
-Lead Fabrication Mentor
Michyle LaPedis
Mike Gottesman
Nicole Bachelor
Sevgi Carefoot
-School Faculty
Steve Siefert
-Lead Design Mentor
Susan Neth
-Lead Programming Mentor
Wynne Chan